AUO Corporation

AUO Corporation

[AUO Corporation]

Founded in 1996, AUO is an enthusiastic, technology-driven company delivering products and solution services that advance the frontier of innovation.

The company is based in Taiwan and operates across Asia, the US and Europe, with a global team of 38,000 people.

AUO specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of display panel, and develops high-valued and differentiated product applications.

Leading the industry with abundant R&D personnel and innovative technologies, AUO is committed to providing diverse vertical solutions through integrating core display technologies.

AUO continues to innovate as the world’s leading supplier of automotive panels by integrating our powerful consumer electronic display technologies, such as free-form, curved design, large size lamination, AmLED display technology, ALED display technology, large-size in-cell touch, and active privacy.

These technologies are comprehensively applied to expand automotive displays in dashboards, center consoles, rear-view mirrors, head-up displays, and backseat entertainment systems.

In addition to Automotive products, AUO manufactures LCD products that are applied to LCD-TV/PID/MONITOR/NOTEBOOK PC/GENERAL DISPLAY/MOBILE DEVICE/DCS/PRINTER/PND/E-READER.

  • Car Display
  • Cluster, CID
  • HUD Display
  • General Display